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You get only the best developers to work on your project. Our team is rigorously selected from top Ukrainian developers.


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Our Developers

Alex C

Full Stack Developer

Alex is a full-stack developer who specializes in Angular and ASP.NET. He develops apps architecture, implements back-end logic and creates user interfaces. Alex knows how to work according to Waterfall, Kanban, and Agile methodologies. He uses such approaches as pair programming and TDD to achieve the best results.

Alex P

Full Stack Developer

Alex has got his Bachelor’s degree in Computing Hardware and now works as a full-stack dev in our company. He has been developing apps in Angular and .NET (Core) for more than three years and now he can boast a large portfolio that includes time tracking app, payment systems, etc.

Dmytro Y

Full Stack Developer

Our full-stack developer Dmytro got his Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2015. Since that time he has been working with such technologies as JavaScript, Angular, .NET, Azure, Apache, Docker, etc. Among his responsibilities there are app architecture development, database design, implementing business logic and UI.

Pavel S

Full Stack Developer

Pavel is a jack-of-all-trades, he takes part in every stage of software development – from a database to business logic and user interface. He is keen on efficiency and achieves maximum results by using such coding approaches as TDD, DDD, and Code first. Besides, Pavel organizes demo showcases for stakeholders.

Pavel Y

Full Stack Developer

Pavel is one of the youngest members of our development team but he has already got numerous achievements, In our company, he is responsible for project estimation, scope decomposition, and backlog creation as well as the very development process. His favorite technologies are JavaScript, Angular, and Microsoft .NET tech stack.

Vlad Z

Full Stack Developer

Being an experienced full stack developer, Vlad is an expert in API integration, refactoring the systems written in Angular+.NET, and creating web projects. His other duties are creating all app layers, UI bugfix, Swagger documentation, dockerization and logging, and many others. Vlad is interested in building complicated solutions using Microsoft tech stack.

Pavel B

Full Stack Developer

Master degree in “Engineer of microelectronics”. With experience in developing web applications as full-stack developer.
Experienced in solutions in staff management, online marketing and financial processing.
Programming languages which I use at my work are .Net stack (WEB.API /.Net MVC / .Net Core) for database Microsoft SQL and on front-end I’m using Angular 6+ framework.

Alex N

Full Stack Developer

I have a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. I’m a Web Developer who works as Web Developer for 2 years. Now I’m working as full-stack Web Developer developing back-end using ASP.Net Core and Angular for developing front-end. I like to develop new features and make efficient solutions. I like to learn new technologies and apply them to the solutions.

Alex V

Full Stack Developer

I have a master’s degree in Applied Math. I`m a web developer and I love my job. Responsible for creating web applications, adding new functionalities and fixing bugs. I`m experienced in both front-end and back-end. I like programming, everyday I try to become better and improve my skills. I’m focused on the client’s success.

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