There are a couple of reasons for you to consider hiring Polish programmers, and we just made a list of 7 of these reasons.

  1. Lots of IT specialists

The Polish IT industry will reach $10 billion in value by the year 2020. The current number of IT specialists is over 185.000. This country ranks 4th in the world regarding the number of IT workers.

  1. Lots of tech graduates annually

Poland has 402 universities and colleges that give to the world more than 36.000 tech graduates every year. That means that there is an increasing number of developers to choose from, and that creates a lot of competition among them. This, in turn, guarantees that you get the best developers to work on your project, especially because those that we work with are rigorously vetted and interviewed.

  1. A very vibrant tech community

DEV_Challenge, Pycon Ukraine, IT Arena, Agile Eastern Europe Conference and iForum are only a few of the major Polish tech events. These events give developers opportunities to connect with their peers and stay in touch with the latest technologies. Research shows that more than 60% of Polish  developers attend these specialized IT events to improve their craft.

  1. Most of them speak English

80% percent of all Polish developers know to speak English, and that has a huge impact on their ability to work at an international level. 100% of Polish developers that you get from us speak English at a high level.

  1. Best price to quality ratio

Polish developers have the perfect balance between the high quality of work and affordability. You can get the same quality that you get in countries from Western Europe or North America but at a much better price. They are more expensive than developers from the Asian region, but the quality is much higher.

  1. Fewer holidays than most countries

Poland only has 11 holidays where workers can consider to take a day off, much less than other countries that are more ethnically and culturally diverse. That means that Polish developers are much more open to work around the clock and deliver the project that they dedicated their time for.

  1. Their work ethic

Polish programmers pride themselves with their ability to deliver high-quality projects and always respect their deadlines. They are people oriented towards becoming better at what they do, and they take suggestions for improvement from others.

These are 7 reasons to hire a Polish developer. Get in contact with us now and get your project started right away!